Danielle's Rare Betta splendens

Betta splendens Fish - Tips

A 4-cm betta can survive in a jar of 8 cm diameter (or less ), and a few days of fasting.

Betta does not need any form of aeration (power head or air pump) and filtration (filtration will be efficient for a large tank/container). However, you need to change the water regularly (+/- every 3 days).

Feed with variations of quality foods constantly to make it grow faster. If it will not eat the food you give, try to let it starve for a few days.

Breeding Betta Fish

Do not pre-condition your female betta by feeding it with blood worm. Blood worm contain fat that will make the process of spawning difficult for the male, as it will be harder for him to squeeze the eggs out from the female.

>Cowardly male bettas can be treated by isolating it for a few days in a dark place (also works when the male refuses to mate). If it doesn?t work, try to place small guppy or smaller female with him so that it will feel much superior. (do not worry if he will chase or attack the guppy/female).

>Encourage male betta to build nest by inserting other male?s bubble nest to his container.

> "Eggs will hatch in 36 to 48 hours">Eggs will hatch in 36 to 48 hours(I think it depends on the temperature?)

>It is advisable to keep the water level low for the fry (1.5 inches) until they can swim horizontally. Raise a bit each day until you think is enough.

>Feed the fry with water flea (Daphnia sp.) or liquifry when they swim horizontally already.

>Male bettas (babies) can be kept together if you have not separated them before. Baby bettas from different spawns can also be kept together if the range of size is small. Little fights occur rarely without serious damage. Putting hiding places is advisable. .


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