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International Betta Congress Logoibc - International Betta Congress
The IBC is a nonprofit, world-wide organization of approximately 700 Members, promoting the selective breeding, raising and study of the genus Betta.

The IBC actively promotes the selective breeding of various color and finnage strains of Bettas through our sanctioned show program. At these shows, Bettas are exhibited and judged in pre-defined classes set by the IBC Judging Board.

Betta Links

  • International Betta Congress
  • UKbettasforsale (for english only)
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  • Tiens. A site about health and wealth. Based on the eastern traditional medicine using state-to-the-art technology. Covers variety information about vitamins, minerals, nutrition product and health business.
  • Reiki. A site about alternative health, meditation, and spiritualism. The site is presented with information about what science has said about those various topics. Offers free and paid services globally.
  • Chronicles to Enlightenments. A story site.
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