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Betta splendens Fish Foods


Betta splendens naturally are carnivorous. The fish eats worms, larvae, and any other living things that fit its mouth. Feeding captive bred bettas with natural food is great, but you really have to pre-condition or prepare the food before feeding to the fish.

Betta splendens fish kept for fish fighting match are usually given nutritious and different menu. To keep and accelerate the blood-thirst of a fighting fish, you can feed them with adult mosquitoes, preferably those that are full after meal (blood).

The following table will lead you to the nutrients level of natural foods:

Natural Foods Nutrients
Carbohydrate Protein Fat

Water fleas

  • Moina sp.
  • Dapnia sp. 

  • .

  • -
  • 14.10 
  • .

  • 37.38
  • 42.66 
  • .

  • 13.29
  • 8.0 
  • Artemia 14.30 55.60 18.90
    Mosquito larvae 12.20 67.80 14.60
    Blood worm - 56.60 2.8

    Daphnia sp picAdditional information:

    - Daphnia sp. in water 22-32 centigrade, pH 6.5-9.0
    - Daphnia sp. and Mosquito larvae contain calcium, best for feeding crown tail bettas
    - Blood worm is best in accelerating growth The color of a betta can be enhanced by feeding it with foods of high carotene contents. Such foods are: shrimps, spinach, and carrots. Alternatively, add a very small amount of carotene powder (try to get at nearest pharmacy) into the water.

    Betta Fish needs vitamins of small amount. Multi-vitamin syrup or powder will do!
    • Feed your betta fish with same kind of food over time.
    • Over feed your betta with processed food or the left-over will pollute the water. Clean the water if you did.
    • Feed your betta with un-cleaned natural foods

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