Danielle's Rare Betta splendens

Betta splendens Fish Tail Fin Rot Disease and Cures



Fungi and low water quality


  • Tail and fins go shorter.
  • Darker tail and fins coloration
  • Clumped fins
  • Fish pale
  • Fish not eating


  • Change water with fresh water mixed with methylene blue, Fungus Eliminator, tetracycline or Triple Sulfa.
  • Add a pinch of salt (aquarium salt preferred, but other salt works for emergency)
  • Introduce the betta splendens to the new water
  • Repeat every 2 days
  • Choose the less mobile food for the fish.

  • The fish is recovering when new fin and tail grow.


  • Change water regularly.
  • Pre-treat water with me methylene blue and salt before introducing betta splendens.
  • Monitor water temperature.


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