Danielle's Rare Betta splendens

Betta splendens Fish Color Strains


The following Betta splendens fish color strains are categorized according to most Betta splendens contests

Solid Colored Betta splendens Fish

Any continuous solid colors covering the entire body as well as the fins.

Recognized contest colors are: red, black, blue, steel blue, green, green turquoise, yellow/clear, pastel and white.

Bi-colored Betta splendens Fish

The body of the fish is one color whilst the fins and tail are another color. The body and fins can be any combination of the recognized solid colors mentioned above.
For show purposes there are two types of Bi-colored Betta. Dark body with light fins and light body with dark fins. In each case, only two colors should appear on the fish. These colors should be well defined and high in contrast.

Multi-colored Betta splendens Fish

Fish that do not fit into any of the other color categories are known as multicolored. These Bettas have two or more colors that should have a high contrast to each other.

Mascot Betta splendens Fish

Albino mascot

Cambodian mascot

Multi-color mascot

Butterfly Betta splendens Fish

Cellophane Betta splendens Fish



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