Introduction to Betta splendens Fish - Care Facts .

Danielle's Rare Betta splendens

Betta splendens Fish Introduction

Betta splendens is the scientific name for Siamese fighting fish (Indonesian: ikan cupang). It belongs to the genus Betta (meaning bright and/or glittering), and classified to the family Anabantidae, and subfamily Ctenopinae. Fishes belong to the family have organs called labyrinths that enable them to breathe air through the surface of their bodies. The labyrinths are located on the top of the head, behind the eyes. It is a circular spot of tissue which is very wrinkled. The organ is highly convoluted and is comprised of many heavily vascularized lamellae. The use of the labyrinth aids in habitats with hot stagnant waters where low oxygen levels prohibit most other species of fish from surviving. The size of ordinary betta is about 2 inches ( 5 centimeters ). Often times these fish are maintained in quart jars, however they can be kept in aquariums also as long as males are limited to only one per aquarium.

Betta splendens Fish Origin

There was printed information that Betta splendens fish (popularly known as Siamese fighting fish) originated from Malaysia and Thailand. The fish then being traded by merchants during the colonization periods. Nowadays, Betta splendens can be found in almost everywhere in the world. We believe that the fish, Betta splendens, can actually be found in most South-East Asia Regions. Wild Betta splendens are seen in Indonesian river and ponds also. You can see the species picture by going to our betta picture gallery or click here.

Betta splendens Fish Care

Betta splendens fish can be kept in a jar of two quarts of water. Though, for best care, Betta splendens fish should be kept in a container measuring 3-4 times the bettas length. In our country the temperature can be as high as 33 and as low as 22 degree centigrade. At high temperature betta will be lazy to move because of low oxygen level in the water and at low temperature Betta splendens fish  is prone to diseases (white spot, velvet, and fin rot) caused by bacteria and fungus.

Betta splendens Fish Foods

Betta splendens fish can be fed with both natural (water fleas, mosquito larvae, blood worm) and processed (tubifex worm, etc.) foods. We have tried feeding our Betta splendens fishes with ants, mosquito, and etc. Click here to view more information on Betta splendens Fish Food. .


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