Danielle's Rare Betta splendens

Breeding Betta splendens Fish


Danielle's Rare Betta splendens has many experiences in breeding Betta splendens fish. Eventhough we are proud with our successful projects, we know that our failures were the most important experiences. This is the easiest way to breed Betta splendens Fish. From our experiences.

Selecting The Breeders

  1. Choose the breeders (colors, finnage, size, etc.) to determine how the spawns look (the characteristics of the female betta fish will influence like 65% of the spawn outcome). You can choose at least 3 months old bettas as breeders. Best range of age is 3-5 months.
  2. Characteristic of bettas ready to spawn:
    o Male: active, built thick bubble nest, visible spots on head.
    o Female: active, visible 3-4 grey vertical stripes, swollen belly.

Conditioning The Breeders

  1. Pre-condition the breeders separately, feed with healthy foods (Daphnia sp. and/or mosquito larvae preferred), blood worm (small red worm live in water) will make your female betta fat thus increase the risk in breeding). Keep the water clean.

The Fish Tank Setup

  1. Breeding tank of two gallon is appropriate. In our experiments, the smallest container can be used in breeding is a gallon tank. You can put floating plants, piece of plastic sheet, or cover the breeding tank so that the bubble nest will not be destroyed. Water can be +/- 15 cm deep.

Introducing The Breeders

Introducing methods: There is always a chance that Betta splendens fish killed by the partner during introduction for breeding, regardless of the sex. Yes, a fierce female fish can out-fight her counter-part. The least that can happen to the fishes is to receive minor injuries. Often both of the fishes will have their fins damage. Fortunatelly, the dna trait is influenced more by the female (look again Selecting The Breeders).

Here is two ways to do it by difficulties.

  1. Easiest; Put the a pair of Betta splendens together in a tank that is pre-conditioned with water plants / small PVC pipe in the breeding tank as the hiding place for the female.
  2. Medium; Put the female in a small floating container. After the male calm down, release the female betta as smooth as possible.

After Matting

  1. Mating is done when the male fish chases the female out of the nest area. That is the time when you have to remove the female, or in certain cases the male will attack the female until she dies. If the male betta eats the eggs (cannibalism is not something new) transfer the male betta.
  2. Eventhough there are male bettas that take care of their fry until 1 (one) month old, it is a good pratice to transfer the male betta fish to separate container when the eggs hatch (the eggs hatch after 36 to 48 hours). Worst thing to happen when you don't transfer the male betta splendens is he will eat all the fry.

Hatched Fry

Feeding the fry is a tough job. To make it easy, just feed the fry with water fleas (Daphnia sp.) until 1 (one) month old, then you can start feeding the fry with blood worm. Observe the water surface, you may have to clean the dust covering water. .


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